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What makes Root Pouch grow bags different from the rest?

In the confusing world of fabric grow bags, how does one select the brand that will provide the superior growing environment your plants, shrubs and trees should have? Root Pouch...

There are some 60 fabric grow bag types available in the world. Some great and some that are no better than plastic shopping bags! Cheap copies made of inferior fabrics have flooded the marketplace and it is often confusing for the gardening consumer to discern which brand (and most are unbranded!) will serve them well.

Why Are Root Pouch Grow Bags So Good?

Only Root Pouch manufacture the fabric that goes into their bags. Other companies buy fabric and do not have the control over the specifications of the product as the Root Pouch brand does. These inferior bags are made of  single geo textile weave that does not lend itself to horticultural growing. The weave is best suited for clothing and textiles.The quality of the Root Pouch grow bag fabric sets it above from the rest!
Root Poouch grow bag uses

The Best Grow Bag - Root Pouch

The qualities of the Root Pouch grow bags produce the healthiest plants in the domestic and commercial growers' markets abound and you can read more about them on our Root Pouch product pages or the extensive FAQ page that links back to the US company.
The brand name "Root Pouch" is the number one selling fabric bag in the US and European market and synonymous with quality, durability and superior grows. You can read more about the background of the company HERE.

Non-Toxic Grow Bags

In the US FDA approval is not currently required for grow bags products, nursery pots, or horticulture containers. Similarly, in Australia, there is no requirement for any such testing.

The  Root Pouch company believes that FDA requirements are of course inevitable since it is important that container manufacturers create safe non-toxic containers for the use of growing plants that will be consumed by humans.

Root Pouch believes it is important to our customers that their containers have been tested and have passed safety test for contact with food so decided not to wait until it is required and have taken the innovative and foresighted decision to ensure that the containers produced are free of harmful contaminants that may effect the quality and safety of the plants grown in them.

The Root Pouch fabric has undergone rigorous testing by BACL (Global testing and certification lab) in accordance with FDA contact test 21 CFR 177.1630 and meet the criteria for a product that complies with food safety.

Root Pouch have sought this as their belief that a container coming into contact with products consumed by humans, whether it is food or medicinals, should be proven to be 100% safe for that purpose.

Award Winning Root Pouch Grow Bags

The fabric has won international awards for its innovation and design  - German Department of Agriculture • DOPE magazine, Best Grow Product, 2015; Iberflora, Spain, Innovation Award 2015; and has undergone rigorous testing by a global testing and certification laboratory in accordance with FDA contact Test 21 CFR 177.1630 (contact with food, drugs, biologics and cosmetics).

As they are made of recycled PETE post-consumer water bottles, it was deemed imperative that there be no BPA in any of the compounds - safe plastic!

Meet Jim Averna, the Owner and Founder and genius behind this innovative bag and see the difference between the imitators and the authentic product that took the growing world by storm over 18 years ago!  The name of Root Pouch has had a long and reliable history.

Why Root Pouch Is Different from Inferior Geotextile bags.

Where Are Root Pouch Grow Bags Made?

There has been a lot of negative focus on products made in China lately. Root Pouch fabric and the bags are manufactured in the PRC or China. At this point in time, no local manufacturer, either in the States (or Australia) can produce this product on the scale or pricing that the market will find acceptable.
Root Pouch (HQ located in Oregon, USA) has partnered with a family-run manufacturing business and is regarded as an extension of their US operations. Two family businesses working conscientiously to produce a product that changes the way commercial horticulture and the home-gardener grows!
Unlike many other bags which purchase geo-textile fabric to manufacture bags, Root Pouch produce their own fabric and therefore can control the quality, colours and entire bag-making process from start to completed product and global distribution. 


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