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Root Pouch Grow Bags


Root Pouch Grow Bags - a revolutionary way to grow!

Root Pouch bags are made of NO NASTIES for you and your family’s health
• Made from recycled PETE water bottles, saving tonnes of bottles from the oceans and landfill
• NO new petroleum in the remanufacturing!
• The only grow bags on the market tested against international standards and are 100% FOOD-SAFE!
• 100% BPA Free
• UV resistant

The unique fibre weave allows perfect drainage, preventing root rot and roots cycling, which means PROLIFIC feeder root growth - the POWERHOUSE of your plant resulting in
• GREATER uptake of nutrients, water and oxygen,
• LUSHER growth and
• MORE fruit and flower production!

A range of colourful, modern sustainable grow bags made from post-consumer recycled PETE water bottles for your garden, large or small. Root Pouch grow bags can significantly improve the health of your plants and growing results. 

Plants grow faster in a Root Pouch grow bag than in other traditional containers. With more finger roots, the entire system can absorb and take in more moisture and nutrients. And the plant becomes fuller, with more branching, buds, and fruit. A Root Pouch bag, filled with a healthy soil mix, is often a better place to grow than in the ground. 

Are you wanting to grow in a limited space with limited storage for pots? Renting and need a transportable garden? Commercial grower looking for a pot that is light and promotes healthy root systems? Root Pouch grow bags can be washed, folded and stored away easily when not required and used time and time again.


Grow Food Where You Live! 

Our Root Pouch grow bags come in a convenient pack of two where indicated.

    See how the range of Root Pouches will change the way you grow and check out our Grow Kits which team Root Pouch bags with our Waterpot Ollas.  Two fabulous products in one!

    Product specs:  designed by Root Pouch, Hillsboro, Oregon USA, manufactured in China.

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