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*Customers in NT please email for freight charges*


Up On the Rootop's Frequently Asked Questions

How much is delivery?

There is one flat rate of $12 

Are products available to customers in the NT? 

Yes indeed they are, however due to the often high freight charges we do this on a quotation basis . You are invited to send us an email with your name, shipping address with postcode, telephone number, order items and quantity and we can provide a quote/invoice by email on which you can make your payment. There is no obligation to purchase if you do not wish to proceed with the quote.

I don't live in Australia, can I still purchase your products?

We are really sorry that we are unable to offer our products to overseas buyers at this stage.

Do you accept returns?

In certain circumstances we do please refer to our returns page https://www.upontherooftop.com.au/pages/returns

How do I make changes to an order I've already placed?

Please send us an email info@upontherooftop.com.au and we will see what we can do for you. If the order has got to the point where postage has been purchased 

When do you process orders?

Kindly refer to our Shipping Information


On Waterpot ollas 

Do I plant inside the Waterpot Olla?

No. The Waterpot Olla is buried neck deep and filled with water. Plant OUTSIDE and AROUND the pot.

How deep do I bury my Waterpot Olla?

Bury the Waterpot with enough of the neck exposed so that soil and mulch do not wash into the pot. 

 What plants can I use with the Waterpot Olla?

You can use the Waterpot Olla with any plant: vegetables and flowers, of course, but also trees and shrubs. Putting an Waterpot Olla by a new tree or shrub will help get the plant through that first year. If you feel the root system is well developed after one year, dig the Waterpot Olla up and use it somewhere else. Your local nursery would know more about normal tree and shrub root growth. Keep in mind that woody roots from trees and shrubs are very strong and over 2 or more years could wrap around the eventually crack it. Wisely use the Waterpot Olla to get these plants established, however long that takes, and then move the Waterpot Olla to use on another plant.

Will my Waterpot Olla freeze? 

It can happen! If you live in a climate that has hard freezes for more than a week, you should lift the olla out of the soil in the winter and store it in a dry place. If you live where snow and dusting mean the same, or where frost frolics with ice crystals, but that’s it, then the Waterpot Olla may be one in the ground year around. No matter what you choose to do, make sure the Waterpot Olla is dry in the winter. We advise you err on the side of caution.

Do I need to water my new plants/seeds?

Yes, when seeds or young plants are put into the ground, they will need topical water until the roots are established enough to draw from the Waterpot Olla. After that, the Waterpot Olla will do all the work.

How long will my Waterpot Olla last?

Your Waterpot Olla will last for years, with a little TLC. If leaves or light things fall into the olla, all the olla with water and as the item floats up, swish it out. If you and a lot of dirt has accidentally gotten in the Waterpot Olla (it happens), dig the Waterpot Olla up, tilt in on its side and spray the inside with your hose until the dirt washes out. You can clean your Waterpot Olla with a 1:1 mixture of vinegar and water if your water is full of minerals. Pour one gallon of water AND one gallon of vinegar in your Waterpot Olla and let it sit for a few hours. Use a scrub brush for removing debris on the outside. First, remove the Waterpot Olla from the ground if using a vinegar cleaning.


On Root Pouch Grow Bags

 Want to know more about the Root Pouch US company and the founding family? 


Why has the kangaroo logo been adopted by the US company?

It's been a little over 10 years since the founding of the US-based company and over 1 million of these state-of the-art bags are shipped monthly across the globe to growing industries.
Often mistaken for an Australian company due to the kangaroo logo it came about when the four family member founders drew on this emblem to to represent the qualities of the fabric as providing a pouch-like environment that offers plants unsurpassed plant health, just as the kangaroo's pouch is known to protect and nourish its young as it grows!
Here at Up On The Rooftop we loved the bag so much and saw incredible growth and healthy plants that I decided to bring the product to Australia and have forged a great relationship with the global company. 

Will the Root Pouch Bags change colour over time?

The fabric may develop a lovely patina over time, this is not the discolouring of the fabric itself but the result of of the soil, nutrients and fertilisers as well as, in some case, salt and chemicals in the water itself. This growth is normal for a breathable material. If left in a damp, shaded position mosses or lichen might develop. none of these colourings or growth affect the functioning or longevity of the bags and adds a natural organic patina to the surface.

Will the Root Pouch bags drain water?

The grow bags are made of fabric and by virtue of this are porous. This is one of the many wonderful benefits of the Root Pouch grow bags - they provide excellent drainage which is very important to root health. As such, if the surface on which the bags will be placed needs protection from staining, exactly as you would a hard container with drainage holes, you may consider placing a planter tray under the bag, however, as with a container with drain hole, please ensure that the bag is not sitting in a constant pool of water as this will prevent the effective draining of the soil.

Can Root Pouch grow bags be used in hydroponic situations?

Yes most definitely. A game-changer in the hydroponic medicinals industry, the bags are durable and offer the same level of root health  under hydroponic conditions.

Please refer to the Root Pouch.com website FAQs for more answers to often asked questions CLICK HERE

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On Our Packaging 

Have you considered the impact of your packaging on the planet?

We sure have! The composition, recycle-ability and/or biodegradability of our packaging  is discussed with our suppliers before we sign the deal.

Our corn starch packing peanuts and post satchels are home compostable in your compost or worm bins under the Australian Standard AS5810/ABAP 20001. Recycled shredded paper, cardboard filling and cartons are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. We are currently testing water =activated paper tape to seal our cartons.

Our bespoke tissue paper is printed with soy ink and is acid free and we are a member of the Eco Packaging Alliance and entitled to display the stamp that certifies our tissue packaging as environmentally friendly.

Please consider how you dispose of the packaging - worms will love eating it, your compost bin will enjoy the cardboard and paper carbon. It all goes back into the soil and growing great food and plants!