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The Waterpot Olla

The Up On The Rooftop™ Waterpot Olla (pronounced “oy-yah”, meaning “pot” in Spanish) is a modern take on the ancient method of irrigation which dates back over 2000 years!

Burying a porous terracotta Waterpot up to its neck in the soil in your container, garden bed or plant pot and filling it with water will provide natural and efficient watering right at your plants’ roots as the water slowly leaches out of the porous pot, drawn by natural forces of the plant roots.

The Science Behind The Waterpot

How To Use Your Waterpot

Introducing the Root Pouch!

A range of colourful, modern sustainable grow bags made from recycled water bottles for your urban garden. Are you renting and need a transportable garden; wanting to grow in a limited space with limited storage for pots? These bags can be washed, folded and stored away easily and used time after time. 

 The Root Pouch fabric planting container is a 100% food safe alternative to regular plastic containers and keeps plants healthy by promoting root health, letting excess water drain and allowing roots to feed, breathe and grow.

Our Root Pouch Size Guide