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Raised Garden Beds

The international Original Root Pouch brand is synonymous with quality, food safety and superior growing.

Root Pouch Raised Garden Beds offer the health and environmentally-conscious gardener the opportunity to grow a garden where space for a traditional soil garden is limited or poor soil.  Imagine a garden grown on a driveway, pavers, stones or compacted or clay soils! Our Raised Garden Beds and Raised Mini Plots are a unique bundle comprised of the popular Large Round Waterpot Ollas (3L)  and a choice of garden bed sizes to suit every space.

Fabulous with a feature shrub and underplantings of perennials, chock full of veggies, or bursting with flowers like a Chelsea Show garden bed, these are sure to please! 

Root Pouch fabric containers are perfect for the urban/ home grower with space challenges!