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Brown Root Pouch - Boxer Line

16 reviews

Bring the joy of gardening and growing your own food into your small or large space with our range of Root Pouches. Root Pouch grow bags are perfect for renters, balconies, decks and backyard gardeners alike who need a non-permanent and portable garden. 

Available in our range of attractive colours and sizes to suit all types of growing you'll be enjoying the fruits of your labour in no time. Our Boxer range of Root Pouches are non-degradable and come in a convenient and handy pack of 2 grow bags.

  • 100% Food safe and BPA free!  For more information about why Root Pouch grow bags are different from the rest click HERE
  • Made from recycled post-consumer PETE water bottles to replace heavy or bulk ceramic pots - perfect for portable and storage solutions and small spaces. 
  • The fabric container allows air to circulate which allows roots to air-prune and prevents root circling. 
  • Available in a range of attractive colours
  • Easy to move using sturdy stitched handles

Benefits of the Boxer range of Root Pouch grow bags are:

  • Pots can be washed & re-used
  • Allows air & nutrients to pass freely through
  • Great to use with Up On the Rooftop's Waterpot Ollas!
  • Creates insulation from winter cold and/or summer heat
  • Will withstand UV rays
  • Stronger healthier starts 
  • Produces bigger yields & promotes vigorous root growth
  • Better use of water and nutrients
  • Quicker growing times 
  • Better drainage
  • Decreases risk of transplant shock
  • Industrial strength Industrial Lock Stitching

Designed by the family-owned Root Pouch company in Hillsboro, Oregon USA, and manufactured in their partnered company in China. 

Please refer to more information found on our FAQs page. 

For even larger sizes please see our Boxer Garden Bed Range 

CHECK OUT our value bundles on the Grow Packs and Gifts page.

To choose the best size Root Pouch for your garden you can view our handy size and growing guide in the tabs below. Measurements are approximate and may vary slightly due to the hand machining of the bags; the quantity, compaction and type of soil used.

  •  Root Pouch Explained

  • Easy Guide To Root Pouch Planting style="float: none;">
Customer Reviews
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Up On The Rooftop Brown Root Pouch - Boxer Line Review
11 Dec 2020
I recommend this product

Overall great experience service and product

This is perfect for a person who is renting or has a tricky sunlight situation that requires plants to be moved to follow the sun, like me. Paired with the Olla there is not much to do and now I have seedlings popping out in all of my root pouches very happy. :)

Natalie I.
Australia Australia
11 Dec 2020
Up On The Rooftop

Hi Natalie, that's perfect! Being able to shift the pots with the seasons, out of harm's way during storms and drowning rain or grow plants that can be placed in decorative outer containers makes these grow bags so extraordinary. Thank you for sharing!

Up On The Rooftop Brown Root Pouch - Boxer Line Review
11 Jul 2020
I recommend this product

Brow Root Pouch

It’s great, light weight, good size for home veggie project

Yingqi T.
Australia Australia
08 Aug 2020
Up On The Rooftop

Those fruit trees will be very happy in the grow bags!

Up On The Rooftop Brown Root Pouch - Boxer Line Review
24 Apr 2020
I recommend this product

Large Brown Root Pouch

This is a fantastic product. I bought the largest brown root pouches (2) for 2 citrus trees that had outgrown their respective pots and have underplanted these with various bulbs that are starting to shoot now. The pouches are a relatively inexpensive way to create true additional ‘raised’ garden beds or vegetable patches of substantial size a with ‘rugged’ organic beauty. Highly recommended in other words.

Andrea G.
Australia Australia
24 Apr 2020
Up On The Rooftop

That's fantastic Andrea, thank you so much for your feedback! What a great garden you've set up there! Just a couple of pointers, I'd bury the Waterpot a little lower so that the shoulders are covered and for that size bag you may need another to cover the large space if the season is very dry, see how you go. Do remember to mulch too. It's already looking very pretty and those trees are going to do very well in there. Take a look at Urban Hills Grow Bag Gardens (in Arizona), their amazingly productive garden is made entirely of Root Pouch bags and beds, the possibilities are endless.

04 Jan 2021
I recommend this product

Roots pouch top quality

Top quality product . Best service .

Aun K.
Australia Australia
30 Dec 2020
I recommend this product

Great product and service

Great customer service. Also, the product was shipped in a timely fashion and was as advertised.

Timothy B.
Australia Australia
17 Dec 2020
I recommend this product

Variety sizes All thriving, Brisbane

Simple ordering, timely delivery, nurturing service. Overjoyed to be planting in range of sizes and experiment with natives and contain trees in our small yard. Move them around to suit flowering and season. WiN WiN Additional bundles of #12 bought to gift as chrissy hamper and spread the excitement to young and old. Planting still in progress for # per photo #8 (myoporium) #12 (grevillea firecracker, snowburst callistemon) #12 in pots (contain dwarf schefflera umbrella) #12 in pot (lettuce) and #39 (orange washington navel) #39 ('rubrum' native hibiscus red cottonwood, lemon myrtle, eucalyptus cinerea) # 95 luscious tristaniopsis laurina Front Drive and path to complete using # 95, #127 x3

Kerri K.
Australia Australia

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