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How To Clean Your Root Pouch Grow Bags

The Root Pouch grow bags are easy to wash and air dry with no effect upon their perfornace. They last for season upon season.

The bags will last many seasons and depending on the conditions in which they live, may develop a patina of garden age. Many of our customers enjoy the look of a well settled-in pot and leave them in this state (personally I like this look on my Balcony). Some prefer a fresher look.

Just as with any porous pot, the minerals and salts in your potting mix may build up the outer surface over time, and moss or lichen builds up if placed in a damp position. This does not affect the functioning of the bag at all.

We recommend the use of vinegar and a gentle scrubbing brush to remove the build up. 

The Root Pouch grow bags are also machine and hand  washable - we recommend washing them in cold water with an earth-friendly detergent with NO fabric softener, and letting them air dry. The fabric will soften and become less rigid through this method so the gentle scrub with the brush and vinegar is preferable if you wish to retain the bags' body and rigidity.

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How to Clean Your Root Pouch Grow Bags



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