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Root Pouch Grow Bags

Root Pouch Grow Bag

Can you say this of the current containers that your plants are in:

✔️Is BPA free
✔️100% Food safe and tested against  FDA contact test 21 CFR 177.1630 
✔️UV resistant 
✔️Root prunes so prevent circling of roots and plant becoming pot bound 
✔️is not petroleum-based 
✔️100% recycled material saving tonnes of waste plastic
✔️encourages healthy root growth=healthy plants? 
✔️Sustainable and least amount of environmental impact

A range of colourful, modern sustainable grow bags made from post-consumer recycled PETE water bottles for your balcony and apartment garden.

Are you wanting to grow in a limited space with limited storage for pots? Renting and need a transportable garden? Commercial grower looking for a pot that is light and promotes healthy root systems? Root Pouch grow bags can be washed, folded and stored away easily when not required and used time and time again.

If you enjoy small space, balcony, deck and container gardening, Root Pouch grow bags can significantly improve the health of your plants and growing results. 

Our Designer Range of Joey/Jill/Jack grow bags are perfect for succulents and we have sizes that suit every growing situation from herb gardens to potted gardens and they look right at home indoors or to provide greenery on your balcony. 

Grow Food Where You Live! 

The Root Pouch range comes in a variety of colours and sizes and are an ideal small space solution for growing your own vegetable and ornamental gardens and fruit trees. 

Our Root Pouch grow bags come in a convenient pack of two where indicated.

    See how the range of Root Pouches will change your growing and check out our Grow Kits which team Root Pouch bags with our Waterpot Ollas. Two fabulous products in one!

    Product specs:  designed by Root Pouch, Hillsboro, Oregon USA, manufactured in China.

    Wondering about these bags? You may find your answers here in Frequently Asked Questions 

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