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Who is Root Pouch?

Root Pouch is a family-based company head quartered in Hillsboro, Oregon USA  with their partnership manufacturing facility, an extension of the Root Pouch company,  located in China.

With extensive knowledge and experience in the horticultural industry they have developed a geotextile fabric that has no rival in the industry for its technical qualities. The patented fabrics are all BPA free and UV resistant, US Food and Alcohol Administration (US FDA) certified as food safe and manufactured in a safe and clean environment.

Root Pouch fabric planting containers are made out of recycled water bottles some ranges contain  natural fibers preventing plastic from going to landfills and oceans.


                                2019 (1000 metric tons of plastic water bottles used)

                                      2020 (Goal to use 1200 metric tons)


Meet Jim Averna, President and Founder of Root Pouch speaking to the BBC Talking Business Show in March 2020 HERE and read about the US company HERE 

The concept behind the pouch

It's been a little over 10 years since the founding of the company and over 1 million of these state-of the-art bags are shipped monthly across the globe to growing industries.
Often mistaken for an Australian company due to the kangaroo logo it came about when the four family member founders drew on this emblem to to represent the qualities of the fabric as providing a pouch-like environment that offers plants unsurpassed plant health, just as the kangaroo's pouch is known to protect and nourish its young as it grows!

Here at Up On The Rooftop we loved the bag so much and saw incredible growth and healthy plants that I decided to bring the product to Australia and have forged a great relationship with the global company. 

Learn more about the Root Pouch bags on our site Up On The Rooftop  
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