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How To Create The Perfect Small Garden

How To Create The Perfect Small Garden

Adding greenery to your urban dwelling can be done in even the smallest spaces like a balcony, rooftop, patio or terrace.  Using the right pots and tools you can create a low maintenance urban oasis to relax in or a sustainable urban garden to grow your own food.

Either way, your small space garden will not only look amazing but you’ll reap some wonderful health benefits from creating the garden of your dreams.


If you decide to create a vegetable or herb garden then growing your own food has many health benefits.

And the great news is, growing your own food is simple. It takes a little time, but basic kitchen crops such as leafy greens are quite forgiving for even the black thumbed gardener. Anyone can learn to grow food pretty easily.

1. Your urban vegetable garden will help you eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. 

    It encourages responsible consumption instead of consuming mass produced, unhealthy foods that dominate our local supermarkets.   An urban gardener can steer clear of food choices that are made using unethical social and environmental practices. What you grow in your garden will be yours for consumption.

    2. You’ll have a much better appreciation of nature.

    To understand nature is to understand ourselves and the world that surrounds us. As you grow your veggie garden or all season flower garden , you will begin to intuitively understand the changing seasons and the needs of your garden. You decide what kinds of fertilisers and pesticides come into contact with your food.

    3. Reduce food waste and enjoy fresher and more nutritious food. 

    So much of the food we eat is pre-packaged, so we’re often forced to buy more than we need. Your own urban vegetable or herb garden will give you the control to harvest only what you need.  Also many store-bought vegetables are picked early to give them a longer shelf life, but this reduces their nutrients.  Well ripened fruit and vegetables taste better and have more nutrients in them.


    4. Save money by eating from your own organic urban farm. 

    With organic foods becoming a lifestyle choice; healthy, nutritious and ecological food is hard to come by unless it has an exorbitant price tag attached. The produce you grow at home does not need the use of chemicals, and the cost of picking your own organic veggies is completely free.

    5. Gardening for mental health, wellness, mindfulness and meditation.

    Reduced levels of stress and anxiety: big cities are known for a fast-paced lifestyle, where stress and anxiety is commonplace. Gardening is a great way to slow down, take hold of your feelings and reconnect with nature.

    Benefits To Small Space Gardening



    Balcony Garden

    Balcony Garden - Image @sofakingwrightSmall Balcony Garden - Image coodecor.comBalcony Garden Idea - Image

    Timber Decks

    Deck Vegetable Garden - Image balconygardenweb.comDeck Garden Raised Planters - Image www.balconydecoration.comTimber Deck small Garden - Image


    Townhouse Courtyards

    Townhouse Courtyard - Image protractedgarden.comTownhous Courtyard Garden - Image Alleyway Garden - Image

    Small Backyards

    Small Backyard Raised Planter Garden - Image www.instructables.comSmall Backyard Garden Idea - Image sunset.comSmall Backyard Garden Patio - Image

    All these spaces require thoughtful planning of the types of containers or beds that can provide the optimum growing space. 

    Depending on the plot you have selected, there are two types of garden you can opt for

    Horizontal Gardens

    This is the most common type of garden where ornamental and edible plant varieties are placed side by side to allow you to tend to the garden in comfort.

    Horizontal Small Space Garden

    Vertical Gardens

    This type of garden places plants in various heights, one on top of each other, usually supported by a wall. This new-age garden saves space and is aesthetically pleasing.

    Vertical Garden Planter Idea - Image tyuka.infoPallet Vertical Garden - Image www.curbly.comVertical Garden Idea - Image


    Herbs and vine plants are great options for your small garden because they don't require a lot of space.  Vines help to create height in your garden and make your garden look big. 

    It's important to do some research before you start gardening to find plants and seedlings that are suitable for your area.  There is no point trying to grow a tropical oasis if you live in a cold climate area.  

    Consider how much wind your small garden is exposed to.  If it's too windy you may need to look into building a windbreak or choose plants that don't mind wind.

    Look to see how much sun your garden gets.  If there is not a lot of sun, choose shade-loving plants. But too much sun may cause your plants to burn in the sun.  Consider if you need to build some shading.  Silver foliage actually reflects sunlight, so plants like Dichondra ‘Silver Falls' and Lavender are great for super sunny rooftop or balcony gardens.



    If you are creating a balcony garden find out what weight your balcony can hold.  Potting mix and pots can be heavy.   A light-weight option to heavy terracotta pots are grow bags.

    What To Grow In Your Small Space Garden

    Not all veggies will grow in all regions, so chat with your local garden centre or research online which vegetables you can easily grow in your climate.  Our root pouches are food-safe so are the perfect for potting your veggies.  


    If you have space for a pot or pouch on your balcony, deck or small space.  Then you have room for creating a small vegetable garden, container garden or flower garden.  

    My passion is urban small space gardening (in particular fresh, organic edibles) and I want to help get you on your way with your garden project.  I’ve tried and tested these products and I believe they will save you, time, money and heartache (if your plants die).





    Make Your Own Potting Mix



    If you are ready to dig in and get started on your own small space garden click here for our SMALL VEGGIE GARDEN PLANNING CHECKLIST.

    Tell me about your urban garden.  What plant's do you have that are thriving? Share in the comments any of your small space gardening tips. 


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