Root Pouch Size & Growing Guide

(Suggestions are an approximate guide)



 SIZE 12L 25.5cm W X 21.5cm H
SIZE 16L 28cm W X 26cm H
SIZE 22L 29cm W X 36cm H
SIZE 30L 35cm W X 30cm H
SIZE 39L 40cm W X 30cm H
SIZE 45L 38cm W X 40cm H
SIZE 56L 43cm W X 38cm H
SIZE 78L 50cm W X 40cm H
SIZE 95L 53cm W X 42cm H


Garden Bed Approximate Sizes:

 SIZE 113L 61cm W x 42cm H
SIZE 127L 60cm W X 45cm H
SIZE 170L 68cm W X 45cm H
SIZE 246L 81cm W X 45cm H
SIZE 378L 96.5cm W X 51cm H
SIZE 757L 127cm W X 61cm H

For best results, when growing fruit or vegetables in containers be aware of your garden's growing zone and what grows well in your area and climate. For plant nurtient guidance, consult your local garden centre.

It suggested to wash the Root Pouch in-between uses, with earth friendly soaps allowing the pouch to air dry. Information will be provided about this. 

Use bagged potting mix that meets the Australian Standards, as indicated by the tickls on the side of the bag. In your plantings or better still, make your own potting mix using aged compost. When growing indoors place pouch on a tray to protect surfaces.

Happy Gardening !