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Gardening Australia Visits our Balcony Garden

Costa Georgiadis, Gardening Australia host visited the Up On The Rooftop Balcony garden recently and showcases how I personally grow in containers, proving that with some easy tips and practises, having...


Video courtesy of ABC Gardening Australia 

In October 2020, Gardening show host extraordinaire, Costa Georgiadis visited the Up on The Rooftop Balcony Garden to showcase small space/balcony gardening.

It was a great thrill and honour to be featured ! I had so many tips and things to show the viewers and 6 minutes just wasn't long enough to get it all filmed for you. If you would like to see more of what I do in this prolific garden of mine, head over to my Instagram page @up_on_the_rooftop or FB page 



The inspiration for the products on the Up OnThe Rooftop website were borne of a deep and long love of gardening and more recently, a desire to make gardening in small spaces accissible to all urban dwellers.  Take a look at our product range and find out how they can help you achieve your gardening dreams! Find out more...



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