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Waterpot Flat Lid Set

We recommend the use of a small, long-necked bottle to form a reverse water level gauge for your Waterpot Spikes, however, you may prefer a more discrete look and our Waterpot Olla lid is the answer! Available in a set of 4.

Whether you’re going on holiday or you’re just too busy living your life, consistently watering indoor plants can be a challenge. An adjunct to the Waterpot Ollas when the size of your pot won't accommodate the traditional olla shape, the Waterpot Water Spikes have been designed for your small space indoor potted garden! Sleek and easy to install, the only other item required is a repurposed small, long-necked bottle from the recycle bin that inverts to form a reverse water level indicator. 

Indoor plant watering made easy

PLEASE NOTE: As these are hand slipcast Terracotta items, there may be variations between one vessel and another in terms of colour, weight and shape due to the nature of kiln firing and the natural qualities of Terracotta clay. 

Highly recommended for the installation of the Waterpot Spikes is the simply amazing indestructible marine-grade aluminium alloy Narrow Garden Trowel by Lelox -

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