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Olla Waterpots

Waterpot Round Olla - Large

62 reviews

Simple, effective, affordable & easy to use.  Our large 3 Litre Waterpot Olla is perfectly suited for outdoor garden beds and larger potted plants, both indoors and outdoors. Your plants will thrive as they draw the water they need to grow directly from the Waterpot which means no more second-guessing or overwatering. 

We have two sizes of the round Waterpot for your small space urban container, raised or in-ground garden (do take a look at our Bird Waterpot too for a decorative touch, the Waterpot Tall Olla and The Waterpot Small Round Olla.)

The Waterpot Large Round Olla - 3L

  • 3 Litre capacity with lid
  • Materials: Low fired porous Terracotta clay - not to be used as a drinks vessel
  • Size: Diameter 16cm W x  23cm H
  • Designed in Australia, hand-cast in China
  • All products shipped are protected by 100% recyclable and/or biodegradable void fills and wrappings for the benefit of the Planet! 

Why should I use The Waterpot in my urban garden? 

  1. Water is delivered directly to the root zone 
  2. Eliminates runoff and evaporation SAVES WATER!
  3. Provides plants with steady moisture 
  4. Low tech and easy to use 
  5. No need for water pressure or electricity or water filters

Where do I bury it? Arrange The Waterpot™  in clusters and plant your starter seedlings or plants around them, whether in a container or in the ground. Each pot will irrigate the plants around 30cm of the neck. Plant seedlings in a circle or place between rows in a garden bed. Depending on the size of a planter container, one may be sufficient. 

Olla filled with water and buried in ground irrigates surrounding plantsPlants with long roots, such as tomatoes, can be placed furthest from the centre. Plants with shorter roots should be placed closer to the Waterpot. this is a naturally automatic system, if it has been raining, the soil is wet so there is no moisture tension and the pots don’t release any water. The plants get just what they need, right where they need it with no gadgets or sensors required!

Simple, effective, affordable & easy to use.


    PLEASE NOTE: As these are hand slipcast Terracotta items, there may be variations between one vessel and another in terms of colour, weight and shape due to the nature of kiln firing and the natural qualities of Terracotta clay. 


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    Up On The Rooftop Waterpot Round Olla - Large 3 Litres Review
    06 Jun 2021
    I recommend this product
    Great product and great service

    I bought this olla for my dwarf pear tree's pot. It is a great product and I was surprised with the amount of information you are provided with on how to use it best as well as with everything when I opened up the box. Great service! I'll slowly be buying more over winter in order to have enough by the time I'll redo my veggie beds for Spring.

    Denise v.
    Australia Australia
    Up On The Rooftop Waterpot Round Olla - Large 3 Litres ReviewUp On The Rooftop Waterpot Round Olla - Large 3 Litres Review
    12 Apr 2021
    I recommend this product
    My 3rd and 4th Olla pot!

    I used my first two in my existing bed and they were fabulous. So we recently put up another bed so, of course, I had to get two more. I highly recommend this product.

    Kim M.
    Australia Australia
    Up On The Rooftop Waterpot Round Olla - Large 3 Litres Review
    02 Jan 2021
    I recommend this product
    OLLA !

    Brilliant idea, veggies grow much bigger and better, a life saver during prolonged hot summer days.

    Jaine S.
    Australia Australia
    Up On The Rooftop Waterpot Round Olla - Large 3 Litres Review
    15 Sep 2020
    I recommend this product
    Large round ollas

    I have placed these ollas in the wine barrels that hold my citrus trees , what a difference they have made as they now take the water they need and look incredibly healthy. Such a fabulous product that I would highly recommend and will definitely be buying more. Deb Tennent

    Debra T.
    Australia Australia
    15 Sep 2020
    Up On The Rooftop

    That's so good to hear Debra! Looking good!! Do put a layer of mulch on top of the soil.

    Up On The Rooftop Waterpot Round Olla - Large 3 Litres Review
    11 May 2020
    I recommend this product
    Back for more

    I came back for more clay pots. I've been using them in my raised garden bed. We grew so many tomatoes and much more. I'm so happy with these results. I've been wanting to use them since I saw them used in New Mexico 10 years ago. Thank you so much for making them available here. Regards, Joy

    Joy H.
    Australia Australia
    11 May 2020
    Up On The Rooftop

    Oh my goodness Joy, that's a first for us! Tiger snakes love Waterpot Ollas too! :-)

    Up On The Rooftop Waterpot Round Olla - Large 3 Litres Review
    12 Dec 2019
    Waterpot Round Olla

    In view of the drought and hence current water restrictions, I have been looking for alternative watering systems and came across your Olla after reading about it. The system works, especially when you want to selectively provide water to less drought resistant plants in periods of extended low (or zero) rainfall. It is a sympathetic, lovely ancient method, with proven result. Further the pots look beautiful with their narrow tops above the ground. I sincerely hope that your Olla’s find their way in many gardens, big and small. Thank you!

    Andrea G.
    Australia Australia
    12 Dec 2019
    Up On The Rooftop

    Hi Andrea, thanks so exciting to see your Waterpot in action! Be sure to keep the "shoulders" of the vessel buried under the soil so that its mainly only the neck protruding and apply as thick a layer of mulch as you can over the soil up to the neck. (I use organic sugar cane as it eventually composts down into the soil and you just top it up when necessary).

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