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Potting up a Basket

Potting Up A Garden Basket

Turn an old rattan basket into a pot planter

It's so simple to do!  I like the very heavy strong rattan baskets. If you find your basket at an Op shop, curbside garbage pile or the back of your cupboard, there’s a good chance that you’ll want to update the style of it a little bit before you put it on display.  Some of the softer cane baskets  can be finished with 2 coats of a protectant clear coat spray paint to protect the finish when I put my basket planter outside. Painting and clear-coating your basket will also help it to last a little longer. Personally, with the rattan baskets (which are pretty heavy) I leave them alone. They weather beautifully, and like any natural fibre, eventually, it will break down but you should get quite a few seasons out of it if you use the strong rattan type.

Step 1: line the basket

This stops soil from falling through to the outside and also the roots from travelling out of the basket.

You can use a sheet of thick plastic perforated with holes at the bottom for drainage, personally I like to keep plastic out fo my planter pots unless UV stabilised and food grade. You can use a geo-textile for garden use or even an old piece of cotton such as a pillow slip. I use coco coir basket liners. 

Step 2: add a good quality potting mix

A general potting mix is good for flowers and a Herb and Veggie mix is suitable for potted herbs

Turn An Old Basket Into A Pot Plant

Coco Coir basket liner available from garden centres

Turn an old rattan basket into a pot planter

Step 3: add your plants

There are endless opportunities for what can be planted in a basket. Ornamentals, annual flowers, Spring bulbs , herbs and vegetables can all be grown in this way. 

Got no basket but love the look of potted plants?

Then why not use the out of the bag solution - the Root Pouch grow bags which are food safe, BPA free and made of 100% recycled PET water bottles! Will not fall apart after a few seasons and are attractive and functional.

See how  Larry & Eyvonne Hall grow a huge array of edibles in their Root Pouch bags!

Root Pouch Grow Bags


Available in various sizes

Forest Green

Available in various sizes

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