Why our Ollas are different from the rest

Did You Know We Test Our Waterpot Olla Products for Lead and Heavy Metals?

When I embarked on the design of my Waterpot Ollas some 5 years ago, one of the first questions I asked myself was - would the pot have any detrimental effects on the environment or the health of the users?
In developing a values-based business I was not prepared to design and manufacture a product that was not a product that I would not use myself.
Every new shipment is tested for Heavy Metals from samples randomly selected and sent ahead of the shipment. This is not a requirement of a terracotta horticultural product however, we go the extra mile to ensure that if our product is used in the production of edibles, in particular the discharge of water to those edibles, it is free from harmful Lead or Cadmium.
We are the home of Ollas in Australia with the largest range and we care about food safety!
We have received the results of this testing from our Australian accredited minerals testing facility and again our Waterpot Ollas comply with British Standard BS6748 (Category 2) which is the standard set covering the importation into Australia of an article of glazed ceramic ware of a kind normally used for or in connection with the storage or consumption of food.  
Waterpot Large round 3L Waterpot Olla