Pre-Order Terms of Sale

Thank you for your interest in pre-ordering the amazing Waterpot Ollas.

Terms of Sale

LATEST UPDATE : As at 30 December 2023 the ETA of the shipment due end-December has been again revised to mid-January 2024 due to continuing severe industrial disputes at Australian Ports. This shipment has been diverted by ports authorities 5 times so far. We continue to keep our eager an loyal pre-order customers apprised of the rolling delays which are beyond our control. 

  1. (SUPERCEDED  BY UPDATE 30 DEC ABOVE) As at 14 December the ETA of the shipment is the end of December 2023 due to severe industrial disputes at Australian Ports causing delays in arrivals, departures, loading, unloading and virtually all the import and export processes. Our shipment has been diverted twice whilst already running late. This situation is beyond our control. 
  2. You understand that stock is currently in transit and is not in the warehouse
  3. You understand that you are pre-ordering stock
  4. Payment at the time of pre-ordering secures the products you require for when they arrive 
  5. Pre-orders will be fulfilled in date of receipt order
  6. At the time of pre-ordering, we are unable to give an exact date of when the stock will be in the warehouse
  7. Other in-stock products ordered at the time of the Waterpot pre-order will not be shipped separately. Please place a separate order and pay the shipping for the other items
  8. You will receive confirmation of receipt of your order and it will show that the items are pre-ordered.
  9. You will receive an email advising when your order has been fulfilled 
  10. You will receive tracking information.

If you have any questions, please email, and we are always happy to assist. 

We are so excited about the arrival of the shipment and fulfilling your order! Thank you for your interest in our products and your patience.

Wendy and Team

See below for the the text of earlier updates provided to our pre-order customers:

Checking in with you again to update you with not-so-great news...
The Shipment ...further delay🚢
The shipment, delayed at the end of November and due on 13 December now has an ETA of the end of December!!

I have been advised that the vessel has been re-routed due to continuing Australian port congestion and continued industrial action.

Our beautiful Waterpots are within cooeee of the shore close and yet so far away!

The ship may have been diverted to grab a slot at a different Australian port.... sometimes they double back or even discharge cargo at other ports and use rail or road to bring the containers back to the designated destination port but their estimate is the end of the month...if there are no further delays

The industrial dispute is delaying arrivals, departures, loading, unloading and virtually all the import and export processes.

All I can say is we are very disappointed and frustrated by this and for the inconvenience this is causing you. We are sorry about these circumstances that are beyond our control.
This continuing industrial dispute has hit many businesses at the worst possible time in the retail calendar and for we gardeners, in the growing calendar!

We are so grateful for the overwhelming support you have given us in placing a pre-order and humbled by the lovely emails received showing grace and understanding.

🎄I'll take this opportunity to wish you a happy and safe festive season. Keep hydrated, keep cool and keep growing! My next communication will hopefully be joyous news of the arrival of the container and the frantic packing to get your orders out in the new year🎄

Wendy and Team