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The Waterpot Olla Instructional Videos

How does your Waterpot olla work?

Bury your clay olla pot  with only the top opening above the soil surface and fill with water. The porous walls of your Olla Waterpot allows water to dissipate into the soil as needed. Because the pores are small, the water does not freely flow out of the pot. 

A suction force is created by soil moisture tension as well as the plant roots. If soil is dry, the water inside the olla will release faster as the soil roots “pull” it out. Likewise, if there is a recent saturating rainfall the water in the olla will remain until the surrounding soil dries. Olla irrigation promotes deep watering and dense root growth which facilitates more efficient nutrient and water uptake. Soil and roots do not go through extreme drying and wetting cycles which prevents bitter tasting greens and cracks developing in tomatoes or melons.

The soil surface remains relatively dry in gardens with olla irrigation which can prevent the growth of weeds and help minimize some unwanted insect populations.

Container Gardening with an Olla by Dryheatgarden

 Planting Capsicum plants in a container with an Olla by Urban Homestead

A great video by Will Geuz, explaining how an Olla works to irrigate your garden, followed by another showing great result in a very dry garden

 Part 2 of  Will Geuz's Ollas in his garden - great results!