How Many Ollas or Spikes Do I Need?

What size and how many Waterpot Ollas will suit my garden?

Ollas come in several sizes, from our slender Terracotta Watering Spike sets to the 3-litre large Round Olla.

They have been designed to accommodate all growing situations needing watering, from raised and in-ground beds, rooftops, patios, decks and container/potted gardens to community gardens and urban farms. The applications are only limited by your imagination!

How far will the water disperse from the Olla?

The smaller the olla, the less distance the water will spread. In good-quality soils, expect the water to spread at least the width of the olla in all directions. Once the porous terracotta olla is in contact with the soil, water begins to seep into the surrounding soil, directly to the root zone of surrounding plants. The amount of water drawn from the olla varies depending on the soil moisture – dry soil will draw water faster; wet soil slows it down. 

For example, if the olla’s maximum diameter is 20cm, moisture will reach the soil approximately 10cm away from the olla in every direction. This is not a precise measurement as much depends on the soil type, its consistency and water retentive attributes as to how far the moisture will capillary away from the olla.

When sowing seeds surface watering will be required regularly until they are established seedlings with established root systems.

How important is soil quality?

The type and composition of the soil used in conjunction with terracotta ollas can significantly influence their effectiveness. The soil's ability to retain and distribute moisture evenly is crucial for optimal plant growth. Well-draining soil is preferred, as it prevents waterlogging and ensures the roots have access to moisture and oxygen. Mixing organic matter such as compost can improve the soil's water-holding capacity.

Always plant in concentric circles around your Waterpot Olla.

Waterpot Large Round Olla - 3 Litres 16cm W x 23cm H

The Waterpot Large Round Olla covers a growing space up to 50cm to 80cm in diameter. It’s perfect for:

*Large Grow bags/garden beds of minimum 75L

* 1 for each 1m x 1m square of raised bed

* Large inground beds planted in frequencies of 60cm

Waterpot Small Round Olla - 1.25 Litres 12cm W x 18 cm H

The Waterpot Small Round Olla covers a growing space approximately up to 25cm to 50cm in diameter.   It’s perfect for:

* Grow bags and pots of 30 Litres and above

*Planter boxes

* 60cm x 60cm wide raised beds

* Can be used in large areas but with more frequency. We would recommend the Waterpot Large Round Olla for this situation.

Waterpot Tall Olla or Waterpot Bird Olla - 1 Litres 10cm W x 26 cm H (Bird Topper is 6cm Tall)

The Tall and Bird Waterpot Ollas cover a growing space up to 2 feet in diameter 25cm in diameter. The taller length is perfect for narrow bags or pots and beds alike. In the latter, plant more frequently at up to 50cm frequencies. Perfect for:

* Grow bags and pots  of 30 L and above

* Planter boxes

* Narrow trough-style pots

Terracotta Watering Spikes - 100 mls 4.5cm Diameter x 18cm Height 

These are perfect for hydrating individual small plants, both indoors and outdoors. We recommend 1 per small pot or plant. Whilst we sell small flat lids for the Spikes, we strongly recommend that the inverted water bottle be used to keep the Spike full and at a glance, know when it needs to be filled.