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Root Pouch Grow Bags

BULK PACK Navy Root Pouch

This collection offers great value for those growers and gardeners who are well on their way to creating their garden and are after bulk packs.

When space is limited and your garden needs to be ‘contained’ it is important to remember that just because space is limited doesn’t mean that your growing options have to be. Root Pouch fabric containers are perfect for the urban/ home grower.

Here we've put together our most popular size ranges and are offering you a sizeable discount if you buy a 10 pack.

*No mixing of colours or sizes in the one pack permitted


Our Boxer range of Root Pouches (Brown, Navy & Forest Green) is 250gsm, non-degradable and come in a convenient and handy pack of 2 grow bags. See the stellar verified reviews below!

Measurements and volumes are approximate and may vary due to the hand machining of the bags; also the quantity, compaction and type of soil used.

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