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5 Organic Seed Raising Mix Recipe
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Make Potting Mix At Home Guide

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This Potting Mix Recipe is ideal for most plants and allows you to customise it to your own needs.

Want to learn how to make potting mix at home?

This one-of-a-kind, double-sided and laminated Guide shows you how to make a durable, high-quality potting mix. In just 4 easy steps with illustrated instructions and tips. This Potting Mix Recipe is ideal for most plants and allows you to customise it to your own needs.

"Soil is everything" -Angus Stewart

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This one-of-a-kind, double-sided and laminated Guide shows you how to make a durable, high-quality potting mix. In just 4 easy steps with illustrated instructions and tips. This Potting Mix Recipe is ideal for most plants and allows you to customise it to your own needs.

The recipe is the brainchild of Anne Gibson, The Micro Gardener, developed, tried and tested through 3 years of research and endorsed by Australia's foremost potting mix guru John Daly who makes commercial potting mix blends for the major Australian company brands as well as his own.

You’ll learn what specific ingredients to include to supercharge your potting mix to make it last longer and provide vital nutrients for healthy plants.

A handy chart will help you choose the best ingredients to substitute or add to suit your requirements.

You’ll also learn how to adjust the soil pH level of your mix. The Conversion Chart makes it quick and easy to follow the quantities in this recipe and measure them in Litres, US or UK Gallons. No guessing is needed!

This Potting Mix Recipe has important properties for growing healthy plants. The ingredients in this recipe play vital roles including drainage, aeration, water and nutrient retention, plant food, root support, microbes, durability and thermal insulation. When you control the quality of your soil health, your plants will also be healthy. That means fewer pests and diseases to manage and greater joy as a gardener!
Laminated DIY Potting Mix Card

Guide Features:

• List of equipment and materials; ingredients; and optional nutrients and soil amendments.

• Laminated for long-term, practical use indoors or out in your garden shed.

• Tick boxes so you can mark off each ingredient, equipment and materials with a whiteboard marker pen [not included] to make sure you have everything ready. Wipe off after use.

• Detailed, illustrated step-by-step instructions with tips. • Instructions on how to change the pH of your potting mix if required.

• Conversion chart for measurements used in this recipe, making it quick and easy to convert litres into US or UK gallons. •

A comparison chart showing you the valuable roles each ingredient plays in your mix. The chart enables you to easily substitute or add ingredients to your recipe that best suit your needs and budget.

BONUS: Includes 5 Organic Seed Raising Mix Recipes

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Measurement Guide

Raised Garden Beds Size Guide

Size Dimensions (cm) Ideal for Growing
113 L 61 W x 42 H Various plants (e.g., multiple vegetables) or single fruit or ornamental trees and shrubs
127 L 60 W x 45 H Larger vegetable or ornamental patch or single fruit or ornamental trees and shrubs
170 L 68.5 W x 45.5 H Larger vegetable or ornamental patch or single fruit /ornamental trees and shrubs
246 L 81 W x 45.5 H Larger vegetable or ornamental patch or fruit /single ornamental trees and shrubs
378 L 96.5 W x 51 H Extensive vegetable or ornamental patch or fruit /single ornamental trees and shrubs
757 L 127 W x 61 H Extensive vegetable or ornamental patch or single fruit /ornamental trees and massed shrubs

Always check the space requirements and compatability of your plants before mass planting

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Potting Mix recipes

Excellent information sheet and instructions. Sick of buying potting mix which is just basically bark. This makes really good stuff.

Frith Van Lier
Potting Mix recipes

Excellent information sheet and instructions. Sick of buying potting mix which is just basically bark. This makes really good stuff.

that's great to hear Frith! The savings earned and the quality of the mix will make such a great difference to your garden!

Julie Bagley
How to

Potting mix recipes using different ingredients able to be made with what you have

Make Potting Mix at Home

Easy to use, informative flip chart, great addition to the green house

Lindsey Hudson
Potting mix guide

Thank you I love that it is laminated so I can use it out in the garden and know it won’t get destroyed

Xuan Peng
Love it

I find it very helpful and now I can make my own potting mix confidently! :)


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What is a Root Pouch Grow Bag?
Root Pouch Information
What is an Olla Waterpot?

Solving Your Garden Irrigation Issues

2000 years of olla technology has proven that simple low-tech device can solve important issues such as the irrigation of agriculture. Applied to our urban gardens and rural farm lands, this technique has the potential of getting gardeners through the toughest water shortages and restrictions. Using 50–70% less than normal surface-water irrigation, it makes it considerably better than drip irrigation, and virtually eliminates the surface-runoff and evaporation common in modern irrigation systems.

A clay pot is buried with only the top opening above the soil surface and filled with water. The porous walls of your Waterpot allow for water to dissipate into the soil as needed. Because the pores are small, the water does not freely flow out of the pot. 

A suction force is created by soil moisture tension as well as the plant roots. If soil is dry, the water inside the olla will release faster as the soil roots “pull” it out. Likewise, if there is a recent saturating rainfall the water in the olla will remain until the surrounding soil dries. Olla irrigation promotes deep watering and dense root growth which facilitates more efficient nutrient and water uptake. Soil and roots do not go through extreme drying and wetting cycles which prevents bitter tasting greens and cracks developing in tomatoes or melons.

The soil surface remains relatively dry in gardens with olla irrigation which can prevent the growth of weeds and help minimize some unwanted insect populations.

Burying a Waterpot olla in a Rootpouch or plant container

Tips for Using Ollas

• Bury The Waterpot leaving the neck above the pot shoulder remaining above the surface to prevent dirt and mulch from washing inside. Gently pack soil around olla.

• Water from The Waterpot will reach about 30cms  from the center point of the olla.

• Place Waterpots every 30cm in your garden for maximum impact.

• Use The Waterpots in planter containers at least 40 cm in size. 

• Check the water level frequently and refill The Waterpot as needed. The frequency depends upon the soil type, surrounding plant density, and weather. At times it may need refilling every 7 days or as frequently as every other day.

• The lid over the opening will minimize "evapotranspiration" and prevent mosquito breeding.

• Use Your Waterpot in slightly sandy or coarse textured soils. Soils with high clay content do not dissipate water well.

• If you have a very deep soil it is useful to place a saucer or drainage tray at the bottom of the hole where the Waterpot is to be placed. This impedes water seepage bellow while promoting seepage outward.

• Plant seeds a few centimetres from The Waterpot opening. Water the entire area and continue to surface water until the seeds germinate and continue this until roots are well established

How To Care For Your Olla Waterpot? 

We would recommend that if you live in a frost, snow or ice prone area that you dig up the pots up at the end of the growing season to prevent breakage over cold winter months; or if a container garden, that you move the containers to protected spaces. When turning over your soil at the end of a growing season, clean off any clinging roots and scrub to remove any salt or soil build up to free the pores of The Waterpot™ If you have a high mineral content in your soil a solution of 1:1 vinegar and water left inside the vessel for a few hours will help dissolve the mineral build up.