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Tips for Mother's Day Gift Giving

Tips for Mother's Day Gift Giving


Mother's Day is one of those celebrations that has a varied and interesting history. Centuries ago, the Greeks and Romans held festivals to honour the mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele. Further on, a Christian festival that was popular in Europe called Mothering Sunday involved religious followers returning to the village church  – known as a “mother church” – for a special service each year. 

According to ABC News  reported Penny Travers , "In 1870, American writer and women's rights activist Julia Ward Howe, best known as the author of the Battle Hymn of the Republic, appealed to women to unite and bring peace throughout the world (later known as the Mother's Day Proclamation).

She proposed that a mother's day for peace be commemorated every year in June.  But the idea of a mother's day did not gain traction until 1908, when West Virginia woman Anna Marie Jarvis held a church memorial to honour the legacy of her mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis.

Ann Jarvis had been a peace activist who nursed wounded soldiers during the Civil War and created mother's day work clubs to address public health issues. Anna Jarvis wanted to continue her mother's work and pushed to have a day set aside to honour all mothers. In 1914 her campaigning paid off, when US president Woodrow Wilson officially declared the second Sunday in May to be Mother's Day."


Gift-giving is a satisfying way to show the people in your life that you care about them and dates back to the dawn of time when gifts were made of bark and wood! Today, we ring in birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries and a whole lot of memorable occasions by exchanging gifts. 

A message  is conveyed in your choice of gift and let's face it, it's increasingly difficult to find gifts for folk who already have so much. In these days of sustainable choices the gift that keeps on giving is a far better choice than those that have a limited life-span, are of poor quality or bring no enhancement to the giftee's life.


Plants make the best gifts or at the very least, the gift of something that makes the growing of a garden or plant achievable! Too many of us have been deeply intimidated by the prospect of plant care when the reality is often as simple as a calendar reminder on our phones and a splash of water once a week.

What plants give us in return is priceless: tranquility and ambience to our homes, a calming reminder to slow down, and an appreciation for the small things. 


Cast your mind back to when as a child you might have handmade Mum or Gran a gift at school? Remember all of those painted pinch-pots, pasta necklaces, cards plastered in paper doilies? Perhaps they still have them lovingly stored in keepsake boxes - how gorgeous to look back on those memories!

Children's Gift Giving

 Why not consider a grown-up's version of the handmade gift and give a living gift of a potted plant, loving selected and re-homed by you!  Try these ideas and you'll be sure to please:

  • Using our Succulent Range - pot up some interesting succulents and cover the succulent mix with fine white gravel to finish it off.
  • Pot up some Microgreens so that she has a ready supply of these nutrient dense micro-veggies;
  • Pot up a pretty flowering Crysanthemum or Daisy for some Winter seasonal colour;
  • Pot up a dwarf Lemon or other Citrus tree for winter Vitamin C!
  • Indoor houseplants are great for those cold and blustery days, so why not give her a ready-made indoor garden? Ferns, interesting and colourful foliage plants such as pink or red Calladiums are a joyful touch on a dark, cold day!

A gift with a watering Olla or Spike will be a giving-gift of joy and pleasure.

 All of our exquisite bundles and separates make it easy for you to pot-and-present-a-present!


Dear Mum I Love You

We have the perfect gifts that keep on giving - either potted up for Mum or the special women in your life, with love and patience and presented as a package set for gardening success or as packs for the would be gardener. Our Mother's Day Gift Collection and  Grow Packs are one of the most hardy, sustainable gifts you can find!

So let your imagination take you to gift-giving joy - give the gift of a potted succulent, an ornamental shrub, a citrus tree, potted herbs or gift a unique grow pack to the Green or wannabe Green Thumb...and all come with a method to take the guesswork out of watering.


The pack that makes for happy houseplants. Our Limited Edition Mother's Day Waterpot Spikes comprised of a pack of our best-selling terracotta Waterpot Spikes and 4 Pink Bird of Happiness Bird Lids will ensure small potted plants receive the right amount of water

Give as a complete gift by teaming it with some of our gardening favourites such as all-natural indoor plant food and our superb range of almost  indestuctible garden tools. A grwoing gift to the plantaholic or install the spikes in plants that you pot up yourself for gifts - super easy and one of a kind!


Waterpot Terracotta Spikes with Bird Lids


Our fabulous pack that is perfect for a small space, starter garden or kitchen garden can be potted up ready for your giftee or given as a pack for them to use. Comes with information sheet. Available in 4 colours Brown, Forest Green, Black and Navy

Root Pouch Grow bags  2 x size #30 (35cmW x 30cmH) and 2 x Waterpot Small Round Ollas with Birds of Happiness Lids (seasonal colours and only available with these bundles)


Mother's Day Patio PackMother's Day Black Patio PackMother's Day Forest Green Patio Pack Mother's Day Brown Patio Pack



Grow a kitchen garden of herbs or a window sill of your favourite flowers with our Mini Pack comprised of a pack of 4 Waterpot Spikes and our cute #8 Root Pouch grow bags with a volume of 8 Litres and measure 21cmW x 21cmH. Give as a fabulous starter pack or pot up your gift for your Giftee.

Comes with information sheet. Available in 4 colours Brown, Forest Green, Black and Navy

Navy Mini PackForest Green Mini PackBrown Mini PackBlack Mini Pack



We love this pack of 3 Australian made marine grade aluminium alloy garden tools! Tools that last, are virtually indestructible and will not rust with no wooden handles that rot and fall off


Set of 3 tools



One of our perennial favourites. A perfect gift for the new gardener or someone wanting to really maximise their urban growing space.  A signed copy of Angus Stewart's Grow Your Own book (which features our own Balcony Garden!) and our ever-popular Waterpot Bird Olla.

Mother's Day Forest Green Know and Grow PackMother's Day Brown Know and Grow PackMother's Day Navy Know and Grow PackMother's Day Black Know and Grow Pack



A sustainable Succulent pot bundle that will please any gardener from the black thumb to green - this set of our Designer range Root Pouch Succulent grow bags that will please any houseplant-proud small space dweller.  Available in sets of fashionable Heather Grey and Navy they will look fabulous funky in the modern home. They are made from recycled post-consumer PETE water bottles.


Navy Grow Succulents PackHeather Grey Grow Succulents Pack

Joey Root Pouch



We have more unique and practical products available in our Mother's Day range and Grow Kits and Gifts shop

ABC Radio Canberra, Penny Travers May  2017 https://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-05-13/history-of-mothers-day-from-civil-war-to-family-reunions/8517898

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