What people are saying!

Trish C. Mid North Coast NSW 19 Oct  2019

"When considering how to most effectively keep hydration to my numerous garden beds throughout summer and especially with water restrictions in place I was ever so delighted to discover these Waterpot Ollas. They have enabled the young seedlings to establish themselves with steady watering as required and my need to water has been significantly reduced. When watering is required filling the Ollas is all I need to do, which in turn is a saving on our water bill"


Sally F. Kensington WA 18 Aug 2019

"Just wanted to show you where one of your beautiful Olla Pots has ended up. This photo was taken 2 weeks after planting and I’m impressed at how well the herbs are growing. Admittedly the weather has been fairly mild here, but the constant moisture from the Olla Pot is obviously a Very Good Thing!" 


 Joy H. Minhamite, Victoria 17 Sept 2019

"I received my wonderful Ollas a few days ago. I’m so impressed with the way they were presented. The hand written note and the pretty stickers and the packaging material. I used everything on the garden except the information sheet and the letter. Thank you so much. Kind regards, Joy"


Joy A. Ingleburn, NSW   22 Sept. 2019

"Thanks for these. With water restrictions in place these pots help me ensure my vegs have water consistently and in the middle, hottest, part of the day."


 Rhys H. Hastings, Victoria 6 October 2019

"I am about to plant three ollas. Purchase from upontherooftop.com.au. Inspired by a story on Gardening Australia. Gardening is awesome."

"My gardening feeds back into my other hobby which is photography.  Both of them I want keeps improving at...They mean a lot to me because I am trying something different that could mean I get to manage my garden better. The idea makes me very happy 😊. Thank you so much, Rhys"



Helen D. Bathurst NSW

Instagram:  "Now that the frost has(hopefully) ended for the year (all fingers are crossed), I’ve put my new @up_on_the_rooftop #ollas in the ground!! As usual, @rufusrulestheworld was super helpful in the garden helping me spread the mulch!!"