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The Water-Repellent Furoshiki Collection

 A traditional way to reduce modern-day plastics.

Say  "no" to plastic bags

This clever range of Furoshiki is not only fresh, modern and sophisticated, it is also made of 100% water-repelling Polyester and is the perfect companion in wet conditions. Wrap the cloth around your items being carried in the rain, around your precious handbag, shoulder bag or laptop, knot it into a shoulder bag, a headscarf, around wet items such as swimming and sporting apparel,  used as a simple ground cover, picnic mat or table cloth...and the list is only limited by your imagination! Tying instructions are included.

At 100 square centimetres, this cloth will provide exceptional variety in wrapping and carry ways and will complement your contemporary fashion style.

  • Dimensions :100 x 100 cm  
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Made in Japan

The Water-Repellent Furoshiki Collection: 

Iso Monyo Knot and Chrysanthemum, Cohare Cats & BirdsKatakata Whale, Outdoor Camo 

The Isa Monyo range was originally designed by Kunio Isa, one of the most influential artists in traditional stencil printing. Since 1940 he has created more than three thousand design stencils, that remain to date in the Isa Research Institute in Japan. Many of his creations are unique, yet modern, and have been printed on numerous products or are available as standalone art. We have three beautiful designs,  Knot which represents connectedness and is available in fashionable Khaki Chrysanthemum, the flowers of which represent immortality and longevity, a noble flower that has been honoured since ancient times and Sprout reminiscent of budding plants reminding us of the origin of matter and growth.

Cohare Cats & Birds A cohare in Japanese is a thin cotton material that uses casual scenes; the Japanese cat symbol is a talisman of good luck and the bird in the Japanese is a symbol of the “Tori” or gate. These symbols put together represent prosperity. The designers of this print Takeshi Matsunaga and Chie Takai, are known for their exquisite stencil dyeing called Chusen, a traditional type of dye blocking using glue. You can discover more about these two artists at, We have the Cohare Cats & Birds design available in this vibrant, playful Pink.

Katakata Whale  The designers of this print Takeshi Matsunaga and Chie Takai, describe their work as "dyed fabric ...products with original designs by pattern dyeing, spotting and printing... Imagine a story for all of them, and dyeing cloth is a great pleasure for us".   You can discover more about these two artists at  We have the Katakata Whale design available in vibrant ocean Blue.

Outdoor Camo This version of the Water-Repellent range is for those who enjoy the great outdoors in all conditions, wet or dry! Designed to suit all ages, cycling, sporting, hiking, camping and all other outdoor enthusiasts will love this practical water-repellent design to carry and cover items in wet and dry conditions!

How can you use the water-repellent Furoshiki? The hydrophobic properties of this square mean it can be used as a handy shopping bag for damp items.

The Furoshiki is lightweight and can easily be carried in a purse or backpack, car, or even worn as a scarf or accessory; eliminating the need to buy shopping bags or use disposable plastic bags when shopping. We all forget our reusable bags sometimes, but when Furoshiki is always with you, you are never without a bag!

Washing Maintaining your Aqua-Drop Furoshiki is easy, simply cold machine or hand wash and ironing is not needed unless the coating seems less repellent in which case a gentle iron will restore the repellency.


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 A traditional way to reduce modern-day plastics.

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