Tutti Frutti Bird Spike Set - Limited Edition

Our Tutti Frutti Birds of Happiness Toppers will brighten up your Winter Garden

A fabulous pack ready to be teamed up with your favourite indoor or outdoor plants! 

✅ Waterpot Spikes keep your plants hydrated without the guesswork

✅Go where the size of our Waterpot Olla range can't be accommodated.

✅ Perfect for when you're on holiday or just busy living life to solve the issue of  consistently watering your container plants

 The Waterpot Water Spikes have been designed for the small space container garden

This set contains:

1 pack Waterpot Terracotta Spikes AND 4 x Bird of Happiness Toppers in Pink, Yellow, Purple and our popular Blue.

100ml capacity

Materials: Low-fired porous terracotta clay

Size: Diameter 4.5cm Diameter x 18cm Height

Designed in Australia, hand-cast in China

See other page tabs for more information about how these game-changing Spikes work to keep your plants hydrated.

More information is available on our FAQ page.

    How do I use the Waterpot Spikes?   After preparing your spikes,  insert your spike into the soil, fill it with water and grow! All boxed sets of 4 spikes come with easy-to-follow instructions. The instruction sheet should be referred to before use. We do recommend using the inverted water bottle technique for optimum results by always being reminded of the water level in the Spike. When using the Bird lids, be very vigilant of the water level. NB We recommend that if you are going to be away when you are busy or during very hot weather you replace The topper with the inverted bottle as per the enclosed instructions.

    Simple, effective, affordable & easy to use. Read more about The Science of Olla Irrigation. 

    PLEASE NOTE: As these are hand slipcast Terracotta items, there may be variations between one vessel and another in terms of colour, weight and shape due to the nature of kiln firing and the natural qualities of Terracotta clay. 

    Highly recommended for the installation of the Waterpot Spikes is the simply amazing indestructible marine-grade aluminium alloy Narrow Garden Trowel by Lelox -

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