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Herb Garden Delight Pack ** PRE-ORDER - will be sent when stock arrives December**

*** PRE-ORDER - Sellout product!! Apologies, we have completely sold out prior to Christmas!  We are accepting pre-orders ahead of their arrival however PLEASE NOTE WITH THE CONTINUING WHARF STRIKE WE CANNOT GUARANTEE DELIVERY BEFORE CHRISTMAS. 

We've assembled a fantastic range of our products to form a versatile garden bundle with everything you need to grow a small herb, veggie, perennial or ornamental garden!

2 x #8 Root Pouch Bags (21cmW x 21cmH)


2 x #12 Root Pouch Bags (25.5cmW x 21.5cmH) for which a pack of our amazing Waterpot Terracotta Waterspikes will keep irrigated (4 spikes)


1 x #16 Root Pouch Bag (28cmW x 26cmH) with a Waterpot Small Round Olla with Blue Bird of Happiness Lid

Unparalleled products in one bundle that provide your plants with the best assistance to grow -

  • The Waterpot Olla and Spikes provide a constant water supply to your plants based on natural scientific forces which take the guesswork out of watering your plants!
  • The Root Pouch grow bags, in a choice of 4 colours, made of 100% recycled post-consumer PETE water bottles, 100% food-safe, BPA free, prevents roots circling so your plant is healthier and able to draw more nutrients and water! 

You won't find this bundle in any store on the planet so your choice of this pack is a truly unique purchase. Makes a very special gift!

For more information about the Root Pouch product see our Root Pouch Collection page

For more information about the Waterpot Olla product see our Waterpot Collection page

For more information about the Waterpot Terracotta Spikes product see our Watepot Spikes Collection page

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