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Extra Large One Wash Navy Blue Denim Furoshiki

The top of our Furoshiki range is the Selvedge Denim which is fresh, modern and casual. Each cloth is 100% cotton, and hand or machine washable which means it will always be ready for your fresh produce as a shopping carrier and at a huge 115 square centimetres (the largest in our current range) the oddest of shaped items will be easy to carry.

Beautifully presented in a recyclable gift box this cloth will provide exceptional variety in wrapping and carry ways and will complement your contemporary fashion style.

Selvedge Denim Furoshiki One Wash Navy Blue

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 115 x 115 cm 
  • Weight: 428 g
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Made in Japan.

What is Selvedge denim?

Musubi denim furoshiki uses cloth made by Kuroki Co., Ltd. Okayama City, who supply denim to the fashion house of Europe. "Selvedge denim" can only be weaved by old loom weaving machines.  It is the name for the higher-quality, harder-to-produce and more expensive type of denim that is typically sold and worn unwashed.  

If a thread appears from the edge of a Furoshiki, this occurs naturally during the process of making and is not a defective product. It can simply be cut away if not needed.

Denim isn't just denim - find out more about Selvedge Denim 

Furoshiki (pronounced Fu-ro-shki)  is the quintessentially Japanese art form of folding fabrics around objects to wrap and carry them.

Furoshiki embraces the philosophy of eco-friendly living by challenging us to consider how many items we really need. This beautiful and ingenious art allows one object to have many uses simply by folding and tying the cloth in different ways.

Whereas regular bags have a fixed amount of space that can only carry a particular type or size of the object, a Furoshiki is highly versatile and can be adapted to suit the exact needs of the specific objects to be carried. This means that large bulky objects can easily be carried by simply knotting the square of fabric around the item.

These elegant 100% cotton furoshiki are produced by the foremost designer of Furoshiki in Japan, Musubi and are ready for gifting or immediate use. Hand and machine washable, these will always be fresh and clean for your wrapping and carrying needs

One Furoshiki cloth can be used for wrapping a gift, a bag for shopping, decorating, a picnic hamper, a tablecloth, household decor (such as a wall hanging), a scarf, belt or shoulder wrap, wrapping clothes when travelling etc the list is endless!

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