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The Isa Monyo Reversible Knot Furoshiki Collection

Contemporary Wrapping Cloth

Perfect plastic-free living 

Our reversible Furoshiki range is fresh, modern and sophisticated. each cloth is 100% cotton, and hand or machine washable which means it will always be ready for your fresh produce as a shopping carrier and at 104 square centimetres, this cloth will provide exceptional variety in wrapping and carry ways and will complement your contemporary fashion style. This Isa Monyo Furoshiki is printed and dyed with a special technique that keeps both sides of the pattern same but with two different colours, so it can be used on either side, depending on your preference. Tying instructions are included.

The Isa Monyo Reversible Collection: Knot

  • Dimensions :104 x 104 cm
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Made in Japan

About the pattern The pattern represents knots and thus stands for togetherness and connectedness. Two versions are available Knot Blue/Orange and Knot Purple/Green

About the Designer The Isa Monyo collection was originally designed by Kunio Isa, one of the most influential artists in traditional stencil printing. Since 1940 he has created more than three thousand design stencils, that remain to date in the Isa Research Institute in Japan. Many of his creations are unique, yet modern, and have been printed on numerous products or are available as standalone art.

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