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Get your Summer GARDEN GROWING!

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Christmas Blue Bird Mini Pack - Limited Time

Our fabulous Christmas Mini Pack is perfect for a small space, starter garden or kitchen garden and can be used by any novice or experienced gardener. Your Giftee will be amazed at the uniqueness and practicality of your well-chosen gift! This set is a nod to Jacarandas, which herald the approach of Christmas. 

Why not  pot it up ready as a gift with herbs or annuals 

🎄4 x 8 Litre Grey Root Pouch grow bags ( 21cm W x 21cm H, no handles) 
🎄1x 4-pack  Limited Edition Waterpot Spikes pack with 4 x Blue Bird of Happiness Toppers plus instructions.

Bring the joy of gardening and growing your own food into your small or large space with our range of Root Pouches. Root Pouch grow bags are perfect for renters, balconies, decks and backyard gardeners alike who need a non-permanent and portable garden. Teamed with our amazing Waterpot Spikes the guesswork will be taken away from watering your plants. 

 To find out more about the Waterpot spikes CLICK HERE

To find out more about Root Pouch Grow Bags CLICK HERE

Variations in the bags: Measurements are approximate and may vary slightly due to the hand machining of the bags; the quantity, compaction and type of soil used. Some variation in the colour and texture of the woven fabric is expected because of the different coloured water bottles used in the making of the bags. This does not affect the wear or durability of the bags and is a delightful reminder of their origin.

Variations in the Spikes: As these are hand slipcast Terracotta items, there may be variations between one vessel and another in terms of colour, weight and shape due to the nature of kiln firing and the natural qualities of Terracotta clay. 

Image is not to scale and pack does not include decorations or plants.

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