Meet Shaun from Easy Come Easy Grow Seeds

The reason we started the subscription was due to moving into a small apartment with a courtyard and decided to start our own journey to grow fresh produce. Once we started looking into what to grow we realised that it was not easy to know what was in season and especially all the intricacies of when to harvest, fertilise and pick your veggies. It was at this time I realised there was no chance we were alone on our gardening journey and felt there was a niche to help others get growing at home. The concept was to make it easy to grow your own herbs and veggies with a package arriving each month, with seasonal seeds to plant. It was also part of the initial thinking that the thrill of actually receiving something in the mail had been lost too. As such we felt there could be a great need for gift subscriptions, with recipients receiving a delivery for many months as something special. It turns out we were right! We curated a blend of 3 herbs/veggies to grow each month and offered a range of subscriptions. It will be 5 years this May and we could not be prouder of the amazing community we have grown and people we have been able to introduce to gardening.
For us the most rewarding part by far is seeing our subscribers in the community sharing their produce. To see some of our subscribers who have never grown anything in their lives to harvest their first radish and share it on social media is absolutely awesome and makes us so happy. Also seeing a lot of younger kids who struggle to eat their veggies become invested in the process is amazing. They end up pulling crops up before they are ready just to eat them because they are so proud. Things like that really make our day!
- Shaun Gort Easy Come Easy Grow
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