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Make Potting Mix@ Home Shopping List

We know that you're eagerly awaiting your Make Potting Mix@Home Guide! 

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Anne Gibson, The Microgardener and  "cook" behind this recipe has provided you with everything you need to make your own mixes and here's what you can look forward to:

  1. Confidence to make your own potting and seed raising mixes at home with a simple, easy-to-follow and adaptable recipe. The table included allows you to substitute materials that you have easy access to, making it cheaper and more sustainable to make on an ongoing basis.
  2. Make 36L of potting mix which is the most common quantity gardeners tend to use on a regular basis. This is equal to 4 x 9L buckets and the ingredients easily fit into either a plastic tub or wheelbarrow. It’s a quantity that is easily manageable to make and store in a small space, including for balcony gardeners.
  3. Provides you with a sustainable option for gardeners who want to re purpose and refresh old potting mix rather than always buying new. By following the recipe and adding new moisture-holding ingredients and slow-release nutrients seasonally, gardeners can utilise their old soil mixes over and over again.
  4. Solve the problem of hydrophobic soil in pots. This helps gardeners avoid wasting money on bagged potting mixes that dry out and can’t be used or that cause frustration when plants die.
  5. Provide a solution for people on a budget who enjoy DIY and want to be more self-sufficient. For those that make their own compost and/or have a worm farm, they can significantly reduce the cost of making potting and seed raising mixes.
  6. Create a high-quality potting soil mix that can be used on its own as a fresh mix. Alternatively, the recipe can be added to old soils or growing media blends to improve the moisture-holding capacity and extend the life of these products. The potting mix recipe is not just for containers! It is also an ideal solution for planting into in any garden bed, particularly if the soil is poor quality or if waiting for ‘no-dig’ garden soil to compost down ready for planting. No need to wait! Just dig a hole and apply the potting mix in a few handfuls. Then plant the seedling or add a bucketful if transplanting a small fruit tree or shrub.