Furoshiki Instructional Videos

See how you can say NO to plastic and carry your stuff with ease with these instructional videos.

Take a look at these instructional videos for ideas on how to apply them to your lifestyle. Your amazing Furoshiki can be knotted to form many different types of wraps for all manner of items from the small to the large. 

The carrying of manchester, computers, sporting equipment, books, bottles, groceries, gifts, pets is made light work of using one of my super versatile 1-metre square cloths! A history stretching over centuries have proven the timeless utility of Furoshiki.

Everything old is new again when it ticks the sustainability box!

One Day with Your  Furoshiki

How to Tie A Simple Bag

(be amazed by the simplicity and volume of this simple knotted bag!)

Wrap wine bottles, heavy and bulky items and anything that is awkward to carry!

 Using your Furoshiki in your store shopping basket - no plastic!

The Basic Furoshiki Knot