Olla Waterpots

Olla Waterpots

The simplicity of the ancient watering pot brought back into modern-day gardens

For busy gardeners who need to keep precious thirsty plants hydrated. The simplicity of an ancient terracotta olla pot brought back to modern times to help gardeners with the perennial problem of watering their pots, raised beds and gardens.

Burying a porous terracotta Waterpot up to its neck in your container or garden bed and filling it with water will provide natural and efficient watering right at your plants' roots as water slowly leaches directly into the soil.

Takes the guesswork out of when and how often to water

✅essential during times of no rain, drought conditions & water restrictions

✅perfect when away on holidays

✅for the time-poor who don't have time to stand with a hose after a long day!

Simple, effective, affordable & easy to use.  We have 4 sizes and shapes  - the 1.25L and 3L Waterpot Round Ollas for your small space urban container, raised or in-ground garden. The Waterpot Tall Olla and decorative Waterpot Bird Olla. For great value, we have a Trio Pack of our most popular ollas!

The Waterpot Spikes have been designed for your small space or indoor potted garden! Sleek and easy to install, the only other item required is a repurposed small, long-necked bottle from the recycle bin that inverts to form a reverse water level indicator. Available in a boxed set of 4 spikes, these also make unique gifts for indoor plant lovers.

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How a Waterpot Olla works