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We love Furoshiki, the product that speaks to the issue of single-use plastic bags, employing an ancient artform - time tested and proven to be so simple and efficient but lost in time to the fast-lane, the throwaway and the expedient.

 The Furoshiki wrapping cloth.

Eco-friendly solution to reducing plastics.

Furoshiki (pronounced Fu-ro-shki)  is the quintessentially Japanese art form of folding and simple knotting fabrics around objects to wrap and carry them.  Furoshiki embraces the philosophy of eco-friendly living by challenging us to consider how many items we really need. This beautiful and ingenious art allows one object to have many uses simply by folding and tying the cloth in different ways. These gorgeous  Furoshiki are produced by the foremost designer of Furoshiki in Japan, Musubi. Bright modern designs, some reversible through to water repellent cloths suitable for wrapping wet items, protecting gear from rain or even when camping - versatility is the hallmark of this amazingly simple piece of cloth. Hand or machine washable, these will always be fresh and clean for your wrapping and carrying needs

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