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Indoor Garden

The indoor plant craze continues to gather momentum.  

People are also increasingly keen to connect with plants, whether it’s veganism or using a bamboo toothbrush. But mostly, people are realising that houseplants are an inexpensive, stylish and therapeutic way of bringing nature into their homes. When we all lead such busy, urban lives, that’s a lovely winsome thing to do.

In our Indoor Garden Collection, we've brought together products that have been tried and tested, the very best that will help you create and easily maintain your indoor houseplant garden

Most people overwater or panic when a plant does something very normal like, say, develops a yellow or crispy leaf. I see a lot of plants struggling for light or humidity, but usually it just needs a couple of small changes to restore it to happiness.

The best news for the botanically challenged? Studies show that you can reap at least some benefits—such as a reduction in stress