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Grow Packs and Gifts

Bed of Roses Pack

 A unique gift bundle comprised of our popular Large Round Waterpot Olla - 3 Litres and the 246 Litre Garden Bed!

The Olla

Simple, effective, affordable & easy to use.  Our large 3 Litre Waterpot Olla is perfectly suited for outdoor garden beds and larger potted plants, both indoors and outdoors. Your plants will thrive as they draw the water they need to grow directly from the Waterpot which means no more second-guessing or overwatering.

  • 3 Litre capacity
  • Materials: Low fired porous Terracotta clay - not to be used as a drinks vessel
  • Size: Diameter 16cm x Height 23cm
  • Designed in Australia, hand-cast in China
  • All products shipped are protected by 100% recyclable and/or biodegradable void fills and wrappings for the benefit of the Planet! 

Lots of information about the Olla can be found by visiting the Waterpot Large Round Olla product page

The Garden Bed

We love our Root Pouch garden bed-sized grow bag with which you can bring the joy of gardening and growing your own food into your small (or large!) space. Root Pouch grow bags are perfect for renters, balconies, decks and backyard gardeners alike who need a non-permanent and portable garden and where grow space is perhaps at a premium.

  • 100% Food safe and BPA free!
  • Made from recycled PETE bottles to replace heavy or bulk ceramic pots - perfect for portable and storage solutions and small spaces. 
  • The fabric container allows air to circulate which allows roots to air-prune and prevents root circling. 
  • Available in a range of attractive colours
  • Easy to move using sturdy stitched handles

For more information about grow bags and their stellar qualities that ensure root and plant health visit The Root Pouch collections page

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PLEASE NOTE: As the ollas are hand slipcast Terracotta items, there may be variations between one vessel and another in terms of colour, weight and shape due to the nature of kiln firing and the natural qualities of Terracotta clay. 

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