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Mid-Winter Grow Pack

Beat the Lettuce price blues - grow your own!

A mid-winter grow pack for growing a quick green veggie patch! Leafy greens are one of the quickest vegetables to grow.

  • Simply fill with potting mix
  • Sprinkle in your favourite greens seeds or pop in seedlings eg Lettuce, Spinach
  • Bury a Waterpot Spike in each bag according to the accompanying instructions
  • Water in well
  • Watch šŸ‘€ them grow!Ā 

Ā Our Mid-Winter Grow Pack will bring the joy of gardening and growing your food into your small or large space. We've bundled our popularĀ size range for this seasonal pack.

The pack is comprised of

šŸ„¬2 xĀ  12 Litre (25.5cm W x 21.5cm H) and 2 x 16 Litre (28cm W x 26cm H) Root Pouch grow bags.Ā AvailableĀ in the colours of Navy, Brown, Forest Green in the Boxer range and Black and Grey in the recycled PETE with natural fibres range.

šŸ„¬a pack of 4 Waterpot watering olla Spikes - perfect for renters,Ā balconies, decks and backyard containerĀ gardens.

Imagine growing lots of leafy greens and herbs for your winter soups and stir-fries with all the benefits of the recycled PETE water bottle fabric, which is tested food safe and is BPA free. Portable, light and easy to move between sun and protected places.

With the Waterpot Spikes, the watering guesswork is removed. Just fill the Spikes and enjoy your days without concern that your plants are getting watered without another thought!

More information about the Root Pouch Boxer range and Black and Grey rangeĀ can be found on the Root Pouch Collection page and here for Waterpot Spikes.

Please refer to moreĀ information found on ourĀ FAQs page.

Measurements are approximate and may vary slightly due to the hand machining of the bags; theĀ quantity, compaction and type of soil used.

Images not to scale.

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