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Indoor Plant Pack

A great value starter pack for indoor plant lovers!

A versatile pack of our game-changing Root Pouch grow bags for root health and Waterpot Olla Spikes for no-guess watering for your indoor plants (can also be used outdoors too!) PLUS the Love Your Plants complete plant nutrition pack!

The awesome and original Root Pouch grow bags in sets of 4 x 22 Litre (approx 29cmW x 36cm H)  bags which are perfect to grow amazingly healthy roots that result in happy plants! Used on their own on trays or popped into a decorative outer container such as your favourite ceramic pot, bring the outdoors inside!

The Waterpot Water Spikes have been designed for your small space indoor potted garden. An adjunct to the Waterpot Ollas,  when the size of your container won't accommodate the traditional olla shape. Sleek and easy to install, the only other item required is a repurposed small, long-necked bottle from the recycle bin that inverts to form a reverse water level indicator. Available in a boxed set of 4 spikes.

The Narrow Garden Trowel by Lelox Industries is a gem of a garden tool! Made of tough marine-grade aluminium alloy in Australia, the narrow blade allows for precision digging in your potted plant. Indispensable as the tool for the installation of your Waterpot Spikes and almost indestructible in the rest of your garden!

The Love Your Plants Ultimate Indoor Care Pack is a gentle blend of natural minerals from the sea will give your indoor blend of natural minerals from the sea will give your indoor plants a nourishing boost. 100% Safe 100% Natural Organic Input,  scent-free and completely safe to use around animals, as it is non-toxic.

The bundle includes: 1 x 500ml Indoor Plant Foliage Spray; 1 x 400g tin of Indoor Plant Soil Food; 1 x 200ml Indoor Plant Seaweed Tonic

Due to NZ importation restrictions on organic fertilisers, this product is not available to NZ customers.

PLEASE NOTE: As the Spikes are hand slipcast Terracotta items, there may be variations between one vessel and another in terms of colour, weight and shape due to the nature of kiln firing and the natural qualities of Terracotta clay. Bag sizes are approximate due to individual hand stitching

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