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The Ultimate Gift Giving Guide for the Urban Gardener

The Ultimate Gift Giving Guide for the Urban Gardener

Gift-giving is a satisfying way to show the people in your life that you care about them and dates back to the dawn of time when gifts were made of bark and wood! Today, we ring in birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries and a whole lot of memorable occasions by exchanging gifts. 

A message  is conveyed in your choice of gift and let's face it, it's increasingly more difficult to find gifts for folk who already have so much. In these days of sustainable choices the gift that keeps on giving is a far better choice than those that have a limited life-span, are of poor quality or bring no enhancement to the giftee's life.


Plants make the best gifts or at the very least, the gift of something that makes the growing of a garden or plant achievable! Too many of us have been deeply intimidated by the prospect of plant care when the reality is often as simple as a calendar reminder on our phones and a splash of water once a week.

What plants give us in return is priceless: tranquility and ambience to our homes, a calming reminder to slow down, and an appreciation for the small things. 

🎁 Hot Gift Tip: Need something quick, carbon-neutral, easy, and impactful? Give the gift of a tree planted in the great outdoors. Planting a tree in someone's name is a heart-felt and everlasting way to show your appreciation. Make them smile with delight knowing they're helping to create a healthier planet!

Your can do this by purchasing a tree via websites such as Carbon Neutral , Carbon Positive Australia, Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife or you can pot up a tree and gift it to your special person.

The Gift Of Grow

We also have the perfect gifts that keep on giving - either potted up for your giftee with love and patience and presented as a package set for gardening success or as packs for the would be gardener. Our Grow Kits & Gift Bundles are one of the most hardy, sustainable gifts you can find!

So let your imagination take you to gift-giving joy - give the gift of a potted succulent, an ornamental shrub, a citrus tree, potted herbs or gift a unique grow pack to the would-be and experienced gardener...and all come with a method to take the guesswork out of watering.


The pack that makes for happy houseplants. Comprised of a pack of Waterpot Spikes which ensure small potted plants receive the right amount of water, an almost indestructible aluminium alloy narrow trowel and the organic Munash Foliage Spray. Comes with instructions. (Sorry,not available to NZ customers due to quarantine regulations)

Give as a complete pack to the plantaholic or install the spikes in plants that you pot up yourself for gifts - super easy and one of a kind!

🎁 Hot Gift Tip: Give the gift with a small indoor potted plant presented in a Root Pouch grow bag used as a basket come carry-all.

House Plant Haven



Our fabulous pack that is perfect for a small space, starter garden or kitchen garden can be potted up ready with herbs, shrubs and flowers for your Giftee or given as a pack for them to use. Comes with information sheet. Available in 4 colours Brown, Forest Green, Black and Navy

Root Pouch Grow bags  2 x 39 Litre (40cmW x 30cmH) and 2 x Waterpot Small Round Ollas with Blue Birds of Happiness Toppers (seasonal colours and only available with these bundles)

🎁 Hot Gift Tip: Grab some premium potting mix, some plant labels and some leafy green seedlings, herbs and salad additives such as radishes for a small-space handy veggie garden! The twin Patio Pack provides 2 gifts or one double potted garden!

Patio Pack of Ollas and Root Pouch bagsForest Green Patio PackBrown Patio PackBlack Patio Pack



Grow a kitchen garden of herbs or a window sill of your favourite flowers with our Mini Pack comprised of a pack of 4 Waterpot Spikes and our cute smallest  Root Pouch grow bags with a volume of 8 Litres and measure 21cmW x 21cmH. Give as a fabulous starter pack or pot up your gift for your Giftee.

Comes with information sheet. Available in 4 colours Brown, Forest Green, Black and Navy

🎁 Hot Gift Tip: Pot up the bags and Spikes with 4 different herbs or annuals and insert a funky plant label in each for a ready made small herb or flower garden!

Navy Mini PackForest Green Mini PackBrown Mini PackBlack Mini Pack



We love this pack of 3 Australian made marine grade aluminium alloy garden tools from Lelox! Tools that last, are virtually indestructible and will not rust with no wooden handles that rot and fall off

🎁 Hot Gift Tip: present the tools in a 16 Litre Root Pouch grow bag (or any suitable size for the amount of extras you will add) which doubles as a carry-all for all the paraphenalia a Gardener requires. Add a ball of jute string, gardening gloves, sunscreen, stainless steel water bottle, even an N95 dust mask for potting mix time!

Set of 3 tools



One of our perennial favourites. A perfect gift for the new gardener or someone wanting to really maximise their urban growing space.  A signed copy of Angus Stewart's Grow Your Own book (which features our own Balcony Garden!) and our ever-popular Waterpot Bird Olla with 45 Litre Root Pouch grow bag

🎁 Hot Gift Tip: Grab a 50 Litre bag (or 2 x 25/30Litre) bags of best quality premium potting mix and plant up a small Native fruit tree such as a Finger Lime or Midgen Berry, or fruiting shrub such as a Blueberry for a ready made, small-space orchard! If it's not possible to plant something up (posting interstate?) why not give a gift voucher fo a plant from their local nursery or Indigenous bushfoods purveyor?

Know and Grow Pack BlackKnow and Grow Pack Forest GreenKnow and Grow Pack BrownKnow and Grow Pack Navy



A sustainable Succulent pot bundle that will please any gardener from the new to experienced - this set of our Designer range Root Pouch Succulent grow bags that will please any houseplant-proud small space dweller.  Available in sets of fashionable Heather Grey and Navy they will look fabulous funky in the modern home. They are made from recycled post-consumer PETE water bottles.

🎁 Hot Gift Tip: Grab some Succulent potting mix, some decorative small stones  and a few succulents from the garden centre. Pot these up, tie a piece of jute string around the bag and you've got  a modern ready made gift for the office desk or coffee table. Grow a pot of healthy Microgreens for your Giftee, finished with a bw around the bag!

Navy Grow Succulents PackHeather Grey Grow Succulents Pack


Joey Root Pouch 

We have more unique and practical products available in our Christmas Collection


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